City Blueprint presents a citizen-supported, visionary plan for future growth and development in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The next step is now underway – a major update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  Check News & Updates for the latest information.

The information maintained on this site is intended to assist decision-makers, engage citizens, and promote quality development and participation in our community.

City Blueprint Vision (2019)

Growing Oak Ridge by attracting workers and others to live in the city is critical for our future.  Not headlong sprawl, careless or haphazard growth, but well-planned growth aimed at more efficient use of our existing infrastructure.  Oak Ridge will become a better city through planning for strategic growth and by knowing and preserving its values.

Core Values

During the Blueprint process from 2017-2019, more than 1,800 ideas were collected at public meetings and events.  An over-arching theme was the desire to be “uniquely Oak Ridge,” or to build up a local identity that expresses the strengths and intentions of the community.

The ideas from the community also formed three main pillars, evident since the City’s inception, of the most cherished aspects of living, visiting, and working in Oak Ridge.  Growth and change, as it occurs, shall be guided to reinforce these core values so that they remain clear and strong.

natural assets

science, tech, & innovation


Goals for Growth and Development

The over-arching goals in the Blueprint Plan seek to achieve the vision of attracting residents and visitors through well-planned growth by improving both development potential and quality of life factors.  These goals will be carried forward in the Comprehensive Plan update process.

Grow our Population & Economic Sustainability

Increase the tax base and population, diversify local business and industry, and broaden choices of goods and services.

Enhance our Image & Quality of Place

Make Oak Ridge a more attractive place to live through better physical definition, identity and character, a vibrant city center, updated public facilities and infrastructure, and entertainment and cultural activities.

Improve Connectivity and Mobility

Provide better and safer connections between neighborhoods, schools, and businesses for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

The Oak Ridge Comprehensive Plan (1988) will be updated by the Municipal Planning Commission, for approval by the City Council, through a series of six study areas that match the following plan elements.  

The purpose of a comprehensive plan (or general plan) is to provide the basis for City decisions – across all departments – that influence growth and development over the next 20 years.  The plan should at least identify 1) current characteristics of the community, 2) specific goals for growth or change, and 3) policies for action that can achieve those goals.

For more information about the process and an estimated timeline, go to News & Updates.

Land Use & Infrastructure

Transportation & Mobility

Recreation & Natural Assets

Economic Vitality & Sustainable Growth

Housing & Healthy Neighborhoods

Livability & Community Vibrancy


Planning in Oak Ridge involves everyone. Communication and continued public participation is important for validating ideas and gauging success. Come back to visit the City Blueprint website often, to find and share information. Be sure to subscribe to the email list to receive updates.