CITY Blueprint is a continuing process of moving forward

Oak Ridge Comprehensive Plan Update

The Comprehensive Plan is the long-range (20-year) plan that serves as the City’s principal guide for decision-making and actions related to growth and development.  In Oak Ridge, the update of the plan will build upon the community’s vision from City Blueprint, study the needs and opportunities for each of the six plan elements, and draft policies to carry out the vision.

The Planning Commission’s duties include reviewing and updating the City’s  Comprehensive Plan, and they are tackling the Land Use and Infrastructure Element beginning in March 2022.  The Commission will hold Land Use work sessions on Thursdays outside of regularly scheduled business meetings.

All meeting agendas are posted one week prior to work sessions at




Planning in Oak Ridge involves everyone.  Communication and continued public participation is important for validating ideas and gauging success.  Public comments are always welcome at [email protected], and more ways to participate may be found by visiting Engage.