CITY Blueprint is a continuing process of moving forward

Movement can be directed by a collection of action steps that are rooted in common goals and visioning.  Through strategic plans and projects, collaboration, and regular assessment of progress, land use and development in Oak Ridge should be held complementary to the spirit and values that are important to the community.

The Planning Commission’s duties involve maintaining the City’s official general plan (called the Comprehensive Plan), ensuring effective zoning regulations, and making advisory reports to City Council regarding development decisions.  The community-supported Blueprint Plan, approved in 2019, provides the first step towards an updated Comprehensive Plan, which serves as the City’s principal guide directing land use policy and decision-making.

The Municipal Planning Commission is committed to gauging progress related to City Blueprint every year.  Annual reports and supporting information can be tracked on this website, and shall also be available through the City’s Community Development Department.

Review the recommended Action Strategy included in the Blueprint Plan (2019).

Planning in Oak Ridge involves everyone.  Communication and continued public participation is important for validating ideas and gauging success.  Public comments are always welcome via the Contact Us page (if that’s correct?), and more ways to participate may be found by visiting Engage.


A Development-Oriented Vision for Downtown Oak Ridge

One of the major recommendations from the Blueprint Plan is to establish a vibrant city center for Oak Ridge.  In October 2019, a Department of Transportation grant funded a focused design study, including market and traffic analysis, of the Wilson Street corridor.  Wilson Street lies between S Rutgers Ave and S Tulane Ave, next to the Main Street shopping area.  The outcome of the study illustrates the potential for mixed land use development and streetscape design to support an active, pedestrian-friendly place.

In January 2020, the Oak Ridge City Council unanimously approved the Vision for the Wilson Street Corridor, known as “Downtown Oak Ridge,” as a guideline for the City.  The action also enabled the City Manager to create an advisory task force of citizens to plan and execute special projects that promote the vision.  The task force is publicizing a major community event to be held on Wilson Street, called “Paint the Town,” on May 9, 2020.